Russian Grammar : Parts of Speech

In Russian language there are 10 parts of speech. Six parts of these are notional words, so they can be used as part of the sentence : noun, adjective, pronoun, numeral, verb and adverb. There parts of these are syntactic words, they express the relations between notional words or clauses: preposition, conjunction and particle. Last part is interjections which are neither notional or syntactic words.

Here, parts of speech in Russian language :

  1. Noun : ученик (pupil), стол (table)
  2. Adjective : красивый (beautiful), большой (big)
  3. Numeral : один (one), два (two)
  4. Pronoun : я (I), ты (you)
  5. Verb : читать (to read), учиться (to study)
  6. Adverb : хорошо (well), сегодня (today)
  7. Preposition : в (in), из (from)
  8. Conjunction : но (but), потому что (because)
  9. Particle : разве (isn’t, don’t), ли (used to form a question)
  10. Interjection : увы (alas), ой (ouch)